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Low, Fast, Networked & Lethal: Future Army Airpower .

Source Breaking Defense, By   SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR.on October 12, 202

Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville and other top Army pilots say these new technologies, tactics, & training will keep aircraft alive against high-tech foes like Russia and China.

WASHINGTON: The year is 2030, and an Army scout aircraft streaks above the treetops at 200 miles an hour.

At speeds no conventional helicopter could reachadvanced sensors and automation help the human pilots skim over obstacles while staying under radar. Wireless networks link the manned craft to a swarm of unmanned ones: mini-drones to scout ahead, big flying “mules” to haul high-powered jamming pods and racks of missiles…….


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Image: The Sikorsky Raider-X (left) and the Bell 360 Invictus (right)


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