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How an FAA Committee Aims to Accelerate Drone Integration.

The Drone Advisory Committee recently offered recommendations around Remote Identification, or virtual license plates for drones.

Source:, by Brandi Vincent, October 25th, 2019.


As more and more drones are approved to fly across American skies, critical questions will need to be addressed around unmanned aircraft technology, policies, and the future of airspace security—and that’s exactly where the Federal Aviation Administration’s Drone Advisory Committee comes in.

Established in 2016 to advise the agency on key challenges and priorities around drone integration, the DAC saw its first transfer of leadership earlier this year. In a recent conversation with Nextgov, the committee’s newly-appointed chairman and another member who is also a drone policy expert, weighed in on the DAC’s latest priorities, its recent work to improve correspondence with the FAA and the members’ ultimate hope to accelerate the safe introduction of drones into the national airspace. …..

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