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EXCLUSIVE DoD Seeks $2.9B For Hypersonics In 2021.

While Army and Navy spending nearly double, Air Force and independent agency spending drops almost 40 percent. 

Source: Breaking Defense, by   THERESA HITCHENS and SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR.on April 14, 2020

Breaking Defense graphic from DoD data

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is asking Congress for $2.865 billion for hypersonic weapons in 2021, up not quite 14 percent from a 2020 total of $2.508 billion, according to DoD budget documents obtained by Breaking Defense.

Army and Navy hypersonics spending would nearly double in 2021. Each increases by95 percent. But that’s offset by a 40 percent reduction in spending by independent defense agencies like DARPA, which are handing off much of the work to the services as programs move from basic research to prototyping, and a 35 percent cut in the Air Force, which cancelled one of its two major hypersonics programs.

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Image: Notional flight paths of hypersonic boost-glide missiles, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. (CSBA graphic)

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