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The 2019 Swiss Security Network Exercise: More Than an Exercise.

Credit: RUSI, Hans-Jürg Käser and Bernhard Wigger, May 24, 2019


The Swiss are testing their preparedness for meeting a major terrorist attack.


The 2019 Swiss Security NetworkExercise (SNE 19) is a national effort, conducted by the country’s federal authorities and its cantons; it takes place every four years and is a total defence exercise involving the government (including the armed forces), the private sector and the wider public. Since terrorism has long been recognised as one of the major threats to Switzerland, the exercise is of great interest to the security actors concerned. Consequently, the Confederation and the cantons decided to practice responses to terrorist threats and attacks in SNE 19.

Following this decision, the SNE 19 leadership team, assisted by the Federal Intelligence Service, developed the scenario: a fictitious terrorist adversary, the Global Liberation Front (GLF), operating out of the invented weak state of Agraria.The scenario illustrates a complex variety of threats.Commentary, 24 May 2019.

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