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Details of the Pentagon’s New Space Architecture Revealed

Credit: National Defense, by Stew Magnuson, Sept. 19th, 2019


NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — After years of studies, the Pentagon is poised to proceed with building out a new military space architecture designed to defend what is called “the ultimate high ground.”

Derek Tournear, acting director of the new Space Development Agency, came to the Air Force Association’s largest conference of the year to both clear up the confusion surrounding the role of the new organization, and to lay out the Defense Department’s vision of how it will prevent adversaries from shutting down U.S. military space assets.

While the Air Force and the new U.S. Space Command will still develop and control large, exquisite satellites such as GPS and protected communications, the new architecture that the agency will build calls for seven “layers,” with some of them featuring 200 to 400 small, quickly replaceable spacecraft. The sheer numbers will prevent adversaries from destroying an entire system and enable “resiliency through proliferation,” Tournear told reporters Sept. 18 at…….


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